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  • 16th Annual Globalisation School

    ‘Power & Class in a changing South Africa and World’ - speaks directly to the specific challenges as well as opportunities that presently face workers and the poor as well as those in progressive civil society organisations, both individually and collectively.

  • Class struggle, the left and power: A libertarian socialist alternative

    The first parts of this series gave readers a basic introduction to an ‘authoritarian’ or state socialist [Marxist] theoretical understanding of class, power and the nature of the state and the strategic implications and limitations thereof for forming the basis of a new movement and building working class unity in struggle.

    Part three looks at a ‘libertarian’ or ‘anti-statist’ socialist [anarchist] theory of class, power and the role and nature of the state that offers an alternative theoretical basis for building new forms of organising and unity in struggle to the tried, tested and consistently disappointing statist one.


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Series: Debating Brazil

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