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  • Glebelands - “We just want service delivery and jobs.”

    Hostels were initially established under the apartheid system to house migrant labour conveniently close to urban industrial nodes. These vast, formerly single-sex, housing complexes became hubs of crime and violence, their communities marginalized and used as power blocs from which to wage wars – initially between the ANC and Inkatha, later, as election fodder. Side-lined from service delivery, neglected by political leaders, misunderstood by the public and often misrepresented by the media; circumstances have changed little for hostel dwellers since the so called ‘dawn of democracy.’ At Glebelands Hostel in Umlazi, south of Durban - heart of the ANC’s powerful and contested eThekwini region - conditions have got a whole lot worse.


    Administrative neglect, the breakdown of law and order, spiralling state corruption, deteriorating socioeconomic conditions, a culture of impunity, the systematic erosion of constitutional rights, and an increasingly arrogant and brutal political elite, have merged into a perfect storm that has left more than 100 dead and displaced hundreds more from Glebelands. An historic stronghold of the ANC, Glebelands has become better known as ‘the place of death.’


    Contextually, political killings in KZN have risen sharply since 2011 and continue unabated as deeply compromised provincial leadership and their ‘homeboy’ - former president Jacob Zuma - fight to maintain political and economic power.


  • Surviving Zimbabwe: An anarchist critique

    This article positions itself not only outside of the state, but against the state, under the guidance of anarchism as a theory. In it, I hope to give a critical analysis of Zimbabwe and its current state, arguing against simple analysis and going beyond individual politics. Rather, with the use of an anarchist lens, this article will carefully articulate the real underlying problem in Zimbabwe: it is a society governed by a class system, under the control of a predatory state that cannot survive a day without the endless exploitation of its people.


    A comprehensive analysis of this nature hopes to make a valid contribution to help organize and educate the masses for a revolution they can claim as their own. A revolution that is specifically against all forms of oppression, and that builds on everyday struggles to improve the deplorable conditions of Zimbabwe. Equally importantly, this article is written in solidarity with the actions of the masses who stood against the violent regime on the 1st of August 2018, and again on the 14th of January 2019, and who fight for a better society. It encourages self-activity and the continuous development revolutionary awareness of the popular classes: the workers and working class, the poor, and the small peasant farmers.

  • Zimbabwe Crackdown Alert: Human Rights Defenders Arrested


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