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    The International Labour Research and Information Group (ILRIG) welcomes all activists and organisations to our 2019 Globalisation School. The title/topic for this year’s school is: ‘The rise of right-wing politics and authoritarian rule: deepening our understanding and broadening inclusive organisation and struggle. Not only is this a timely topic, given the general weakness of left/progressive forces and struggles, but it is also central to locating our present domestic and international political, economic and social realities and how best we can respond to them.

    Right-wing politics and authoritarian rule have emerged in many parts of the world over the last many years, particularly since the worldwide crisis of capitalism in 2008. The neoliberal programmes that framed this crisis and its aftermath were, and continue to be, specifically designed to attack and break apart any unity and common struggle/purpose of the broad working class. Further, through the ‘gospel’ of unregulated growth and profit maximisation, to gradually destroy the social fabric of societies alongside the sustainability of our physical/natural environment. Unfortunately, there has been much success in this regard.


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