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  • EVENT: Three Women (Break the Silence) A play about South African Women’s Activism

  • ILRIG PUBLIC FORUM:- Significance of #TotalShutdown & ways forward

  • Invisible Exploitation

    How Capital Extracts Value Beyond Wage Labor

    The Marxist analysis of work under capitalism has long been associated with a preoccupation with wage labor: waged workers as wage-slaves, industrial workers as the revolutionary proletariat, and factory workers as the vanguard. The labor theory of value has been widely seen as applying to the wage form of work and no other. But Marx’s own writings describe other forms of labor under capitalism, and Marxist theorists have long pushed to expand our understanding of exploitation beyond the classic waged relations of production.

    Capitalists have always used more than the wage form alone to extract surplus product from workers. However, this century is particularly distinguished by its growing reliance on alternate methods of extracting surplus. It’s time for Marxists to rethink our preoccupation with the wage and develop a theory encompassing a common ground of exploitation across a wide variety of extractive relations under capitalism. A recognition of that shared exploitation may prove key if the exploited “class-in-itself” is to become a “class-for-itself,” able to unite and act in solidarity. 

  • Seminar: Acting against Gender Based Violence: Theatre and Art as Tools for Activism


    ILRIG takes great pleasure in inviting you to our Seminar titled: Acting against Gender Based Violence: Theatre and Art as Tools for Activism. The seminar is taking place during the 16 Days of Activism on the 27th November 2018.


    The purpose of the seminar will be to review the ILRIG Gender Based Violence Project with a specific focus on sharing learning on the use of Forum Theatre and Comic Books as education tools. Participants who attended the GBV Workshops will be in attendance to share their experiences, we will have live demonstrations of the theatre in action which will be supported by video of the workshops, discussions and presentations from Educators and Artists.

    Please RSVP by 24 November or earlier.


    Date:                    27 November 2018

    Time:                    09h00 – 16h30

    Venue:                Ashley Kriel Hall,  Community House 41 Salt River Road


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