EVENT: Labour Sector workshop/seminar at the 2019 Jozi Book Fair


HOST/FACILITATOR::     ILRIG (Dr. Dale McKinley) 

EVENT:                                 Labour Sector workshop/seminar at the 2019 Jozi Book Fair

DATE/TIME:                        Saturday 31st August/ 09h00-11h00

VENUE:                                4th Floor (West) at Museum Africa (Newtown, Johannesburg)

TOPIC/TITLE:                     ‘At the point of production: how can workers shift the class balance of power?’ 

PANELLISTS:                     John Appolis (General Industrial Workers Union of South Africa- GIWUSA); Khongelani Hlungwani (Casual Workers Advice Office – CWAO); Representative from the South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU)


BRIEF SUMMARY:            Each panellist will provide an input of no more than 15 minutes, following which there will be an open engagement/discussion involving participants and the panel. This will allow us to unpack the nature of the current workplace regime, the responses of workers and their organisations (including what the responses say about the state of trade unions and their relevance) and then round off with possible ways forward for workers at the point of production. 

BOOKLET LAUNCH:        The last section of the event will be set aside for the launch of CWAO’s first booklet in their ‘Labour Broker Workers are Organising Series’. The booklet’s worker co-author, Khongelani Hlungwani (also a panellist) will introduce/summarise the booklet which will be available to event participants.



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