This booklet tells the story of the biggest EPZ of all in the southern African  region: the Industrial Free Zone in Mozambique known as MOZAL. MOZAL is an aluminium smelter located just 16 kilometres outside Maputo, the Mozambican capital. But MOZAL is not only a Mozambican initiative. It is linked to the Maputo Corridor, a special economic zone which runs from Nelspruit in Mpumalanga to the Maputo harbour. Moreover, South Africa has other involvement in MOZAL. South African companies have invested millions in this initiative. The South African government has also put a considerable amount of resources into  MOZAL. And many South Africans have been employed in MOZAL.

Political and industrial leaders in South Africa have praised MOZAL. For example, Brian Gilbertson, Chairperson of BHP Billiton has said of MOZAL. 

MOZAL, then, is an important issue not only for South Africans but for all people  in the SADC region. We hope this booklet will help trade unionists and other activists to debate initiatives like MOZAL and come up with alternatives that address the needs of the working people of the region, not the shareholders of global corporations like BHP Billiton.





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