WWN 104

ISSUE  104  | MAY 2017

From high praise to scandal by Michael Blake

The Rojava Revolution by ILRIG Staff

International Women’s Day 2017ILRIG Staff

Neoliberalism the cancer of corruption by Nandi Vanqa-Mgijima

Woman Work - Maya Angelou

Can trade unions be revived? by Shawn Hattingh

Philippi High School organises by Philippi High School Students

The Housing Assembly Political School by The Housing Assembly

wwn 102

 International page: “Brazil: High school students show way forward for working class resistance  ” by Jonathan Payn

 My struggle: “Significance of the Labour Court ruling on CCMA rules of representation” by Mthetho Xhali  

 Centrespread article: “FeesMustFall and the road ahead” by Brian Kamanzi

 Educational Series: “Local government and municipal employees” by Michael Blake

 Gender Page: “Woman in the Robertson Winery Strike” by Mandy Moussouris 

 My Organisation: “CSAAWU Robertson Winery Strike: Rural Resistance in Racist Robertson” by Mandy Moussouris 

 Culture Page: “Superintendent Officer Mthembu” by Leroy Maisiri


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Series: Debating Brazil

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