PUBLIC LAUNCH OF ILRIG BOOKLET: A People’s History of Water Privatisation & Anti-Privatisation Struggles in South Africa

Jul 4, 2024

DATE: Wednesday 17 July 20243

TIME: 3pm – 4.30pm

PLACE: Imam Haroon Hall, Community House (41 Salt River Road, Salt River, Cape Town)

Live stream will be available – Please register here:

Come join us either in-person or online as we launch this important and timely popular education booklet by ILRIG. If ever there is a time for the working class and its allies to intensify the struggle for public, accessible, affordable and quality water, it is now. That requires us to better understand and learn lessons from history, framed by multiple forms of water privatisation and lived realities and struggles of the broad working class. 


Dale McKinley: Researcher/Educator at ILRIG, longtime political activist, writer, lecturer and researcher and primary author of the booklet.

Dale will act as moderator and will provide a brief introduction to ILRIG’s educational work and the booklet. 

Koni Benson: An historian, organiser, and educator in the Department of Historical Studies at the University of the Western Cape. Koni is a member of the African Water Commons Collective and the End Water Apartheid Campaign. She spent 8 years working with social movements and trade unions as an ILRIG researcher/educator and as researcher/organiser for the Blue Planet Project around campaigns against water privatisation across Africa.  

Faeza Meyer: Faeza is a Cape Town-based working class black feminist and community based activist/organizer, involved in campaigns for water and many other rights since 2011. She is a member of the Cape Town Housing Assembly as well as a founding member of both Women For Change and the African Water Commons Collective. She is also a member of the Western Cape Water Caucus (WCWC) and a member of the Africa Water Justice Network.  

Koni and Faeza will give inputs framed by the theme – ‘Watering Translocal Solidarity’