The Rojava Revolution: What lessons for South Africa?

Aug 21, 2019

Date: Saturday 31 August 2019
Time: 12pm
Venue: 2nd Floor (West) at Museum Africa, Newtown, Johannesburg

Since 2012, the Rojava Revolution in Northeastern Syria/Western Kurdistan has taken a unique approach both to the struggle of Kurdish people for the right to self-determination, as well as to building a radically democratic, feminist and ecologically sustainable society: an approach from which progressive civil society in South Africa can learn much. This session will give an introduction to the Kurdish freedom movement, Rojava Revolution and the political philosophy of Democratic Confederalism on which it is based, followed by an open discussion both on how feminist and radically democratic structures, based on ecological principles and which truly empower all people, can be built to run society, as well as what lessons this experience has for South Africa’s incomplete liberation.