April 2011 Conference: South Africa Today

Apr 29, 2011


The 2011 ILRIG April Conference
South Africa Today: How do we characterise the social formation?
Community House, Salt River, Cape Town
29-30 April 2011

The conference will consist of two components:
1. Inputs by speakers on the basis of draft papers submitted by interested activists and analysts – South African and international, and
2. Workshopped and parallel sessions in which ILRIG facilitators engage the issues raised at facilitated sessions using educational methodologies

1. The recent evolution of the capitalist class in SA, its relations to other capitals globally, its “racial” and gendered make-up; its mode of accumulation and its relation to the state
2. The recent evolution of the ANC, the changing social composition of its cadre, its relations to the state and to the capitalist class, and to the dominated classes.
3. The working class of SA today and its changing “racial” and gendered nature as well its re-composition across both the sphere of production and reproduction; its consciousness and struggles and how do these impact, or otherwise, on various organisations today.

To this end ILRIG is inviting papers from any interested person. Expressions of Interest should be submitted by 1 March 2011. Abstracts of papers should be submitted by 31 March 2011. Final papers (after selection) must be submitted by 17 April 2011. Where possible, ILRIG will provide travel and accommodation for successful candidates.

All communication must be directed to or Phumeza on 0736670428 or 0214476375.