ILRIG Political Schools

We host annual Political Schools to facilitate movement and relational building within and between activist formations based on progressive values and politics.

ILRIG Publications Survey

Please fill in our survey to help us further and improve our political and popular education, and to better support the activists, organisations and social movements we work with.

Webinars & Public Forums

We host monthly webinars to create a space to respond to and debate topical issues facing workers and communities. Prior to COVID-19, these took the form of Public Forums at Community House in Cape Town. 

Covid-19 Working Class Campaign

ILRIG is involved in the CWCC, which meets regularly to develop and plan a working class response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the State’s approach to lockdown.

Workers World News

Workers World News is ILRIG’s quarterly publication which covers stories relevant to working class and community struggles.


ILRIG is hosting a 40th Anniversary Festival which will include workshops, movies, seminars, poetry and theatre. 


The International Labour Research and Information Group (ILRIG) is a support organisation dedicated to research, education, training, the production of popular materials, and the provision of reflective spaces for working class movements in South and Southern Africa.

ILRIG was founded in 1983 and has since been advancing working class movements and power both in the workplace and in communities. Over the years we have built a reputation for high-quality publications and education programmes which are accessible and useful to community-based movements, activists, and worker formations. The main focus of our work is in assisting working class formations to find different and directly democratic ways of self-organising. Linked to this, we provide tools of analysis to aid activists to deepen their understanding of the context we are in and promote progressive ideas, values, principles and practices amongst working class organisations that counter the impacts of neoliberalism and the oppression of class rule, the nation state, racism and patriarchy. All our work stresses democratic participation and interaction, and is geared towards supporting strong, principled working class organisations that can build an alternative to reactionary ideas and practices such as authoritarianism, populism, and ultra-nationalism, which have emerged within a fraying neoliberal capitalism.


Find out more about our approach to the COVID-19 pandemic and how our work has changed in relation to lockdown.

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WWNs issue 127

WWNs issue 127

 Welcome to the latest issue of Workers World News issue 127 of Workers World News for 2024.  The theme for this issue was collectively agreed on as...

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