Fruits of Our Labour: A feminist workbook for farmworker women

Oct 1, 2021

This workbook has been produced by ILRIG as part of its Building Women’s Power Program.

The aim of this publication is to:

  • Develop a perspective on the impact of the changing nature of work and worker organising on working women.
  • Contribute to building the capacity of working women to organise themselves, build women’s leadership, and build solidarity and consciousness in order to fight capitalism, racism and patriarchy.
  • Help empower working women to raise their interests and demands, and participate in building worker organisations, worker forums, community and worker alliances and trade unions.
  • Contribute to building strong women’s leadership and politics within worker organisations, unions and movements.
  • Contribute to the process of developing viable feminist alternatives to the effects and challenges of capitalism.

This workbook is aimed at farmworker women but can be used by anyone or any organisation that wants to understand and build feminist politics. It can be used in workshops, political education courses, study groups, or for general education and training purposes. You can use it by starting from the beginning and working through to the end, or you can pick out chapters or sections that you want to use. We encourage collective reading and engagement with the activities and questions that can be found throughout this workbook.