[WEBINAR] Building a Revolutionary Movement in South Africa: Lessons from Rojava

Jul 7, 2020

Topic: ILRIG Webinar: Building a Revolutionary Movement in South Africa: Lessons from Rojava

When: Jul 16, 2020 04:00 PM Johannesburg

In South Africa thousands of protests take place each year. Yet, no participatory mass movement has yet arisen with a revolutionary vision and participatory grassroots practice that can link struggles together. In this context, many people have fallen back on failed state centred party politics and false hopes in political messiahs.

In Rojava, however, things are different. There, a revolutionary movement – based around Democratic Confederalism – has been built. This movement is radically democratic, feminist and based on street level formations, called communes, that are linked. In 2012, this movement undertook a revolution that replaced the state in the north-east of Syria with a People’s Power that aims to end capitalism.

Given the success of building a revolutionary movement in Rojava, this webinar looks at how it was done in practice – including the values, principles, organising and structures – and what we can learn, adopt and adapt for movement building in South Africa.


Nilüfer Koç (Kurdistan National Congress)

Comrade from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava

Dale McKinley (ILRIG)

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