Feb 2020 Gauteng Provincial Platform

Feb 19, 2020

This particular platform was requested by the Gauteng Housing Crisis Committee (GHCC), an alliance of over twenty communities in Johannesburg fighting for land, housing and basic services. The objective of this workshop is to identify and develop the GHCC’s overall plan of strategy and tactics, including elaborating on its theoretical understanding of the problems it faces, its organisational model, and its code of conduct.

In a context of rising neoliberalism, state corruption, unemployment, and collapsing SOEs, the repercussions of which hit poor and working-class communities the hardest, many worker and community organisations are strained and demobilised or actively repressed. In order to challenge the forms of oppression, inequality and exploitation created and sustained by white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, our organisations must solidify a clear understanding of what they are up against, the new world they are fighting for, and alternative, sustainable ways to build movements and challenge power.