There is an Alternative: The Public Sector

Jun 19, 2000

The dominance of the market approach has put most unions on the back foot. We are told that our ideas about public sector delivery are “out of date” and “out of touch” with the realities on the ground. One of the most powerful arguments that supporters of the market use is international experience. Over and over we hear that the experience of the rest of the world tells us that there is no alternative. International institutions such as the World Bank and consulting firms like Price Waterhouse Coopers have spent millions on research to promote this view of international experience.

This booklet is meant to help South African workers to build their own view of international experience. In particular, through the experience of a wide range of PSI affiliates, we hope to provide you with some ideas about how workers in other countries have experienced municipal restructuring. This is part of our contribution toward building a counter to the market solution.